What's New - at Exhale Lending and in Mortgages

Exhale Lending, just like the mortgage and real estate landscapes, are always changing, and improving.

Here we provide a history of updates to keep you informed.


2024 Conforming Loan Limits

It's official! The 2024 conforming and VA* loan limits are now out, and and the limit has been raised to $766,550 - up 5.6% from 2023.

Why this is important:

Exhale Lending is accepting loans applications today - and can even close in 2023. No need to wait!

Other huge benefit to home buyers is that the higher limits mean greater affordability and an easier mortgage experience for most homebuyers.

See implied purchase price based on the maximum loan amount and a given down payment.

*VA borrowers must have full entitlement to take advantage of expected loan limits.


Search YOUR County Performance

Exhale Lending publishes county performance every day so you can see what's going on in your market. And, we just made it easier for you by adding a search link.

Why this is important:

National statistics and mainstream headlines are not representative of YOUR market.

Understanding the real estate trends in YOUR market is paramount when buying a home. We deliver that to you directly.


Don't do a Cash-Out Refi!

Exhale Lending has added it's first Video Blog on tapping into your Home-Equity. And Cash Out Refi is not the way forward.

Why this is important:

If you have a low interest rate from the 2022, or earlier, then do NOT consider a Cash Out Refi. Get a HELOC instead.
Watch our Blog and learn why.


2024 Conforming Loan Limits

Exhale Lending is now honoring the expected 2024 conforming and VA* loan limits. Which we believe will be raised from $726,200 to $750,000.

Why this is important:

Higher non-jumbo loans are available to you today!

For example, home buyers can purchase a $789,400 home with 5% down or a $937,500 home with 20% down.

*VA borrowers must have full entitlement to take advantage of expected loan limits.


Renovation Mortgage Loans

Exhale Lending has signed up with two lenders that specialize in renovation mortgage loans.

Why this is important:

Maybe you haven't been able to find your dream home at your intended budget? Now you can buy a home and borrow funds to renovate it and turn it into the home of your dreams. You get an opportunity to customize your space and potentially increase your new homes value.


One-Time-Close Construction Loans

Exhale Lending LLC. is now offering One-Time-Close Construction Loans.

Why this is important:

Can't buy the home of your dreams in this market? Build one!

Our One-Time-Close Construction loans allows homebuyers to purchase land and finance the cost of construction with one single loan and one single closing.


  • Simple approval experience

    • Approve Builder

    • Approve Project

    • Approve Buyer for Assets, Income and Credit

  • Interest only payments on drawn loan amount. Only pay interest & principal on whole loan balance after the project is complete.

  • At time of completion the original loan is modified into a standard 30-year Fixed (or ARM) loan.

  • Lock in rate at start of project, but will automatically float down if rates have improved at time of modification. If rates worsen, buyer is protected.

  • One-time close saves hassle and costs.


Home Equity Line of Credit

Exhale Lending LLC. is now offering standalone and piggyback HELOCS.

Why this is important:

Need access to cash? Consider a HELOC.

HELOCs can be used to tap into unused equity in your home to finance important projects or renovations without having to touch your low interest rate loan from 2020 or 2021.

They can also be used to pull equity from a property to help purchase another home - like a vacation or investment property.

Borrowers can draw equity from their homes, and if they pay it back before the revolving term is over, they can draw from it again in the future - just like a credit card.