Why Get Pre-Approved?

As a prospective homebuyer, your purchasing power (or affordability) will be driven by the following factors:

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Simply put: To give yourself the best chance of making your strongest offer and having that offer accepted. And your real estate broker will require it.

We want to get you pre-approved and shopping for your dream home soon as possible - but we need you to take the first step in getting approved, and that starts with your loan application.

When you submit a loan application you are helping your Loan Officer determine your level of affordability, and with this information, we can save you time, and get you under contract faster, and closed sooner.

Only after we have confidence in the first three, and talked about your personal choices and preferences, can we write a pre-approval letter we can all stand behind.

Benefits to being Pre-Approved:

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Pre-Approval Process:

If you are unsure what to do, or how to proceed, why not schedule a no-obligation meeting and we can hold your hand and guide you to a place of comfort and confidence?

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The pre-approval is quite simple. Most buyers can submit a loan application in about 20 minutes, upload their supporting documentation and be shopping in a matter of hours.

At Exhale Lending we want to be your homebuying advocate and partner, and build a relationship that lasts through your home purchase. We will be there for your home purchase today, and your refinancings and purchases of tomorrow.

And, after going through your first home purchase with us, we hope you will want the same.

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Why does Exhale Lending require a Loan Application?

It will also help:

Here's what to expect:

It will also save you time, help manage your budget, generate confidence, eliminate problems early on, protect your deposit and make your life easier.

May require a computer or VOIP phone connection.

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