SMS and Texting with Exhale Lending

We have a favor to ask you...

To enhance our communication, promote a smooth and efficient transaction, and ensure compliance with the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") regulations, we kindly request your consent to receive text and SMS messages from Exhale Lending.

By opting-in for SMS communications, you'll benefit from:

  1. Swift Updates: Stay informed with timely updates, ensuring that you receive crucial information without delay.

  2. Real-Time Notifications: Get immediate alerts about important changes or actions required during the loan process.

  3. Streamlined Interaction: Enjoy a more efficient and seamless experience as we address your queries and concerns promptly.

Rest assured that your privacy and security remain our utmost priority, and we will only use SMS for communication related to your mortgage process.

To provide your consent, kindly reply to this email with a simple "Yes, I consent to receive SMS messages from Exhale Lending." Please remember that this is entirely optional, and you can always update your communication preferences at any time

The FCC asks that we obtain permission from our clients and referral partners before sending text messages, and we want to have your consent on record for our mutual convenience.

Please click the button to the right and send us an email opting-in smoother and faster communications.