National Rate History

We understand that interest rates vairy across lenders, but what is most important to prospective borrowers (for prospective buyers and those about to refinance) is the current trend in interest rate movements.

Below is a chart of data from Mortgage Daily News which represents national average mortgage rates for 30-Year Fixed Conventional, 15-Year Fixed Conventional mortgages and 30-Year Fixed FHA loans over the past 30 days.

The average rates displayed have been adjusted to assume a "zero-points" interest rate. So, for example, if a borrower received an interest rate for 5.75% and paid 1.0 Point, then the implied "zero-points" rate could have been 6.00% (figures for demonstration purposes only).

For more information on the methodology and data collected to compile these charts, please visit the Mortgage Daily News web-page by clicking here.

Note: This is NOT a Rate Quote.

The rates displayed, above, are updated manually and based on adjusted National average mortgage rates for various products for a certain borrower profile (see Mortgage Daily News website for more information).

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The rate displayed above are not representative of Exhale Lending L.L.C.'s offerings but are published to help borrowers visualize the current trends in rates for various mortgage products.